/News 03 Mar 2022

A community that puts health and wellbeing first

Appointment of Zinnia Living Concierge and Lifestyle Services.

The Falls Estate is a beautiful setting for a boutique retirement community, surrounded by natural bushland and peaceful vistas.

Although the positive effect of nature on our health and wellbeing is well documented, it’s only the beginning of what’s on offer at the Falls Estate to keep residents feeling their best.

Everyone needs different activities to be happy and stay balanced in their daily life, for some people, it’s physical challenges like hiking in the bush, for others it might be growing vegetables in the community garden. Of course, it’s also important to be able to spend quality time connecting and celebrating with family and friends – including newfound friends within the community.

Forming connections with others is a way to continue to live independently. It’s all part of ageing well and enjoying everything life has to offer. Fantastic, shared spaces like the lounge and bar, snooker room, pool and gym at The Falls Estate can be adapted to residents’ needs, whether it’s fun group classes or social gatherings and parties. When social distancing or alone time is required, there’s plenty to explore in the grounds of the estate.

The Falls team have now partnered with Zinnia Living Services to appoint a community concierge who will arrange for regular wellness programmes to be delivered onsite. These programmes will take a holistic approach to nurture mind, body and spirit and ensure residents thrive.

Everyday living will be made easier with the concierge, who will be available 5 days a week onsite and 7 days a week remotely, to help with day-to-day tasks and also to connect residents with the services they need. In this regard, the concierge will liaise with Zinnia’s expert staff to facilitate additional healthcare services as required, such as physiotherapy, nursing, rehabilitation, and personal care.

We can’t predict the future, but if things change and you need additional care and support services at home, you now have the peace of mind knowing not only that Zinnia Living will be available, but that Zinnia Living is also highly skilled and experienced in providing and coordinating these services.


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