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Our commitment

The Falls Estate is bound by the Australian and National Privacy Principles under the Privacy Act 1988 and we are committed to ensuring the privacy of the information our clients and other individuals provide to us. We understand that your personal information, and how we use it, is very important to you. The following statement reflects our policy in relation to the personal information that we collect. However, if you have any further questions relating to this privacy policy, please do not hesitate to contact our privacy officer by emailing live@thefallsestate.com.au

A digital copy of the Privacy Act 1988 is available online; a summary of the Australian Privacy Principles can be located by contacting the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

Our privacy policy

We undertake to:

  1. not collect personal information unless we consider it necessary for us to provide our services;
  2. not use or disclose personal information about an individual for a purpose other than:
    1. the purpose for which it was collected;
    2. a related purpose (or, in the case of sensitive information, a directly related purpose) which a person would reasonably expect;
      • a purpose required or permitted by law;
      • a purpose for which we have obtained your consent;
      • take all reasonable steps to make sure that the personal information we collect, use or disclose is accurate and up to date;
      • take all reasonable steps to protect and safeguard the personal information we collect;
      • make available our policies regarding our management of personal information; and
      • provide individuals with access to their personal information that we hold, except where we are required or entitled by law to refuse such access.

When do we collect personal information?

We will only collect personal information if it is necessary or required for us to do so. Situations in which we may collect personal information include, but are not limited to:

  • when dealing with any registration of interest in current and future project / development opportunities;
  • in connection with suppliers in respect of services and/or products that may be supplied to our clients or other individuals;
  • when presenting seminars, workshops or other functions in relation to projects and / or development opportunities undertaken by us;
  • when dealing with federal and state government agencies (if applicable);
  • when required by law; and
  • when dealing with individuals who contact us regarding our activities or the activities of our clients.

Personal information may include sensitive information as defined in the Privacy Act 1988 (for example, religious beliefs, health status, ethnic origins, membership of a trade or professional association). If so, then we will apply the Australian and National Privacy Principles required to that type of information.

Ways in which we collect personal information

We collect personal information in person, in writing, by telephone, through our website and through other methods of communication with our clients and other individuals we deal with.

During your use of these methods of correspondence, we may collect the following information: your name, position, company, IP address, email and other contact details. By accessing this website, you consent to our collection of the above information; however, if you wish to revoke your consent, please let us know by using our contact details below.

In accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles, and in the context of providing you with this notice, we will only collect information that we are authorised to collect by law.

Our clients provide personal information to us when they request our services.

Sometimes we may need to collect personal information from third parties in relation to marketing and sale, as well as in the course of carrying out our responsibilities, ensuring that information that we have been given is correct.

These third parties may include:

  • Private individual, trusts and corporations;
  • Solicitors, Accountants and other professionals; and
  • Statutory bodies and other government agencies. In each case, we will treat personal information we collect in accordance with the principles set out above.

What do we use personal information for?

Information collected from you is used for the following purposes only:

  • Contacting you in relation to our products and services;
  • General company reporting;
  • Refining the way by which we deliver products and services to you;
  • Meeting legal requirements or regulations;
  • Acting in a way you would otherwise reasonably expect;
  • Undertaking an action disclosed to you and to which you have consented.

Disclosure of personal information to third parties

We may disclose your personal information to third parties. These may include our agents, our contractors (including organisations used by us, such as cloud data storage contractors, to store information in an electronic format), insurers, advisors, your agents, your contractors, which it is reasonable to expect that information would be provided in the course of or incidental to the provision of services by us. We will however only do so in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988and our policy.

When we collect personal information

We will take reasonable steps at or before the time we collect personal information from an individual, to ensure that individual is aware of:

  • who we are and our full contact details;
  • the fact that person is able to gain access to the personal information that we collect and seek the correction of such information;
  • the purposes for which the personal information is collected;
  • whether it is likely that we will disclose information to overseas recipients and if so, where;
  • any law which requires us to collect the personal information; and
  • the main consequences (if any) if the personal information requested by us is not provided.

However, there may be circumstances where we are not required to do one or more of those things prescribed in the preceding paragraph.

Access to your personal information

Requests for access to your personal information should be made in writing to our privacy officer.

If you request, then in most circumstances we will make available to you the personal information about you that we have collected. In certain circumstances we might not allow you access to your personal information. These circumstances include, where:

  1. it would have an unreasonable impact on the privacy of others;
  2. the information relates to legal proceedings with you;
  3. the information would reveal our commercially sensitive business and decision-making process;
  4. providing access to the information would prejudice certain investigations; and
  5. we are required by law not to disclose the information. This includes duties we may have under common law;

We will respond to a request for access to information as a priority and will seek to do so within 10 days of receiving any request.

We will not charge you for requesting access to your own personal information.

What to do if you believe the information we hold about you is inaccurate

If you believe that any information that we hold about you is inaccurate or out of date, please contact us and we will review and update the relevant information (if applicable).

Data Security

The Falls Estate has implemented strict security measures and corporate governance to ensure protection and prevention of unauthorised access / disclosure of your personal information. Our security measures include electronic, administrative and managerial safeguards to secure the digital information we collect.

Within our organisation, The Falls Estate only permits your details to be accessed by authorised personnel, being our employees. It is a condition of employment that all Falls Estate employees maintain the confidentiality of personal information.

In the event of a data breach affecting your personal information, The Falls Estate will respond immediately to notify the relevant authorities and you in writing of the date and time of the breach, how it occurred and what measures have been taken to prevent a subsequent breach.


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External Links

We may redirect you to other websites from our own website. When linking to external sites from our corporate website, please note that we do not take any responsibility for the content or IP contained within them. Therefore, we do not take responsibility for the protection and privacy of your information once you have left our website, as that is beyond our control. Please exercise caution when visiting external sites linked to our own website.

Changes to our privacy policy

We will review this privacy policy from time to time by placing the revised policy on our website. Our updated privacy policy shall take effect from its first date of publication on our website, as applicable.

Thank you for your interest in our privacy policy. If you have any questions about the terms and conditions of our privacy policy, wish to revoke your consent to the collection of private information, or if you believe that the private information we hold about you has been compromised in any way, please contact our privacy officer using the contact details below.

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