The Falls Estate - ferns in Garigal National Park
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The Falls Estate - Oxford Falls waterfall
Oxford Falls

Creating a sustainable future for all

Now more than ever, it’s important to weave environmentally friendly features into retirement communities as they are being built. With The Falls Estate’s unique connection to the natural environment, this couldn’t be truer. As such, we are incorporating features that ensure the future sustainability of our community and the surrounding environment in which it is located.

Solar power is to be used in the communal spaces at The Falls Estate for heating, ventilation and air conditioning, pool heaters and external lighting. Any surplus is fed into the residences, which in turn benefits everyone who lives here. Three extra-large rainwater tanks take advantage of the sloping site to irrigate the landscape at The Falls Estate, while topping up the dams and water features too. An on-site storm water retention pond and rain garden takes storm water from local catchments and removes pollutants going into the nearby creek and Narrabeen Lagoon. Lovers of wildlife can rest assured native animals and birds are protected. A safe corridor along the northern boundary of The Falls Estate provides refuge for wildlife and allows access to Red Hill Reserve and the National Park.


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